Friday, April 15, 2011

The generosity of Guild members

Back in June 2009, I wrote about discovering references to the burial, in Winchester Cathedral in 1634, of Roger Parry, rector of Hinton Ampner. After arriving at the conference today, I was given a photocopy of the register showing the burial entry, which had been obtained for me by a guild member. This was soon followed by a transcribed marriage certificate, produced as part of the St Albans marriage challenge, confirming that an entry indexed as both Parry and Tarry was actually a Tarry. Then another guild member stopped me in the corridor and handed me a piece from the Surrey Advertiser in January, featuring an Elizabeth Parry, whose memoir, “Thirty Men and a Girl: A Singer's Memoirs of War, Mountains, Travel, and Always Music” had recently been published.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous Guild members are, in giving their time to help each other. Each year I seem to come home from the conference not just with lessons learnt from the talks, but with additional information on the Parrys specifically.

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